Joe and Adrienne’s Mural
Palm Harbor, FL

I met Joe while painting the murals for the Key West Center in Palm Harbor, Florida. Joe approached me and asked if I would be interested in painting a mural on their exterior garage wall. He desired to look out from their lanai and see a sky with puffy white clouds and perhaps his favorite birds, Osprey‘s and Pelicans. His wife, Adrienne, wanted to view the Anclote Key Lighthouse, located near their home in Palm Harbor. I spent two days getting this far and plan to return soon to add a low-flying, brown pelican, and perhaps one or more palm trees.

I didn’t get photos of the final stage because it was dark and I packed up and left immediately after that. Joe sent me some good close-ups of the birds and the lighthouse as they look now in the daylight. 

Progress Photos

End of the first days work

Beginning stage of painting the Osprey from the charcoal drawing

Beginning stage of painting the baby Osprey’s from the charcoal drawing

Close-up of the Ospreys

Added Palms nest to the Lighthouse on a subsequent trip.

Added Pelican on a subsequent visit.