Crescent Club Poster, Siesta Key, NO LOGO


The Crescent Club Poster pays tribute to an Arrow Beer advertising poster which hung in the Crescent Club for over 30 years. Sadly, it was stolen off the wall in 2014. It featured this pin-up girl, which was illustrated by American artist, Earl Moran, in the forties. In the Arrow Beer poster, she was sitting on a cloth covered table.

In 2014, I conceived the idea of using her on a poster and combining her with images of the Crescent Club. I took reference photos of the Crescent Club and then used Photoshop to digitally airbrush and edit the composite images.

This version of the Siesta Key Crescent Club poster does not includes the iconic Crescent Club logo. I put a Crescent Moon in its place. The Building is shown at an angle and the Siesta Key Crescent Club sigh is shown off to the right.

Click Here to view the poster with the logo