Fisherman’s Cove on Turtle Beach, Siesta Key, FL


Fisherman’s Cove on Turtle Beach, is located just to the north of Palmer Point, a Sarasota County-owned park. It was where Midnight Pass flowed from the Gulf of Mexico into the Sarasota Bay and the Intracoastal waterway.

This watercolor of Fisherman’s Cove on Turtle Beach, painted in the late 1990’s, features the Blue Heron, the Great White Egret, a Pelican and Sandpipers.

Many of the owners and seasonal guests have grown accustomed to seeing these shore birds on a regular basis. 

Boaters and beach-goers have found Turtle Beach to be a less populated public beach with beautiful water views.

They are located at 9000 Blind Pass Road, Siesta Key. For more information, click here.