Crescent Beach Path, Access 12, Siesta Key, FL


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The painting of Crescent Beach Path, was done in oil, on a 12” x 24” canvas, en plein air. Access 12 is located directly across from Crescent Beach Grocery and Captain Curt’s restaurant.

Years ago, the county improved access 12, with added pavement parking and a car turn-around area at the end of the parking area. They also widened the sand beach path leading out to the beach. Before this improvement, the beach path split as you were arriving at the beach opening. To the right, the path breached a water drainage area, flooding out during heavy rainfalls.

I always thought of the split path as being like a choice. Which one to take?

I’m so glad I painted this beach landmark. The fork in the path helps me to think of the book, the Road Less Traveled”, by M. Scott Peck and the poem “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost. The central theme of both works is the divergence of paths, both literally and figuratively, In this case, the path less traveled was to the right, as most would stay to the left.

We make personal choices daily that help us stay on our chosen paths. In many cases, it’s the narrow path that leads to peace, joy and happiness.

In this case, both paths lead to beautiful Crescent Beach, on the southern end of Siesta Key Beach. Oh, what a beautiful place!