Beach Bazaar Mural

I recently completed a new mural on the exterior wall of the Beach Bazaar in Siesta Key Village. It is on the rear wall of the store, facing Morton’s Siesta Market. It measures 14’6″ x 26’6″.

The theme is Siesta Key Surf to emphasize that Beach Bazaar has an extensive line of Surf and swim wear apparel and accesories.

8″ x 10″ gift prints of the mural are available for purchase within Beach Bazaar, along with many of my other gift print images.

2 thoughts on “Beach Bazaar Mural

  1. Ashley Edwards says:

    Hey Shawn, deeply impressed with your work. Love seeing all the puzzle pieces fit together as I learn which paintings are yours 🙂 From proud Gulf Haven grandparents praising your painting on the beach (at least a dozen family member own that one), to your unbelievable murals!! Speaking of murals, may I ask what you sealed your beach bazaar mural with? I am aspiring artist and have only embarked on indoor murals and would love to learn what tools are in your belt.
    I’m very sorry to read about your battle with cancer, and understand if you don’t respond. Either way, take it easy, heal well and wish you the best! Can’t wait to see what’s next from you!!! All the way from KC, much respect!
    Kind regards,
    Ashley J Edwards

    • Shawn McLoughlin says:

      Thank you very much Ashley. I wish you success with your mural endeavors. I used Sherwin Williams Resilience brand exterior acrylic to paint the mural. It provides long life, excellent coverage and beautiful color. To seal and protect it, I used Sherwin Williams Protectective & Marine Coatings, B97 C150 6501-09820. It is very expensive, but provides UV protection and Antigraffiti protection.

      The Resilience brand paint is actually sufficient for most murals. No sealant is necessary. If you feel the mural could fade out due to direct sun or fear the possibility of graffiti, then you might consider using the sealant. Resilience brand paint will last for many years without fading.

      Thanks again and best wishes!

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