A Print Delivery leads to an Unexpected Surprise


Here are two of the 8″ x 10″ Siesta Key Art Prints that Marcia put into frames which she purchased during a close-out at a local store. Inexpensive, but very stylish.

Here are a few of Marcia’s machine embroidered hand towels, beach totes and small clutch purses.


For more information on Marcia’s boutique creations, call or email her at: Grace Creations

12 years ago, my good friend, Greg, introduced me to his upstairs neighbor.  A short while later she got married and moved away. I had not seen or heard from her for all these years.

A week ago, I received an online order for four of my 8“ x 10“ art prints. With the order was a note. It was from Marcia, the girl that had lived upstairs. I was happy to hear from her and we made arrangements for a delivery, this past Saturday.

She now lives across town, almost to Bradenton. We exchanged greetings, reminisced our past and shared a few of the events and experiences that have happened over the years. Retired now, Marcia spends much of her time sewing and creating craft and gift items. Most of the income is donated to support an important mission, an anti sex-trafficking safe home for survivors.

Before leaving, she handed me a clear plastic bag which contained a black hand towel, beautifully embroidered with my web name and decorated with an artist’s paint palette. I was touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity. She said I could use it to wipe my brushes, as a painters brush towel. I told her that it was much too special for that. I know I will cherish this unexpected gift.

In our parting conversation, I mentioned my cancer treatment that I’ve undergone in the past nine months. She was unaware of my diagnosis and following operation. She asked if she could pray for me. She held my hand and put her other hand on my shoulder. She thanked God for His love and goodness. She asked Him to give us faith and courage to face our challenges. She also prayed that God would give a healing touch to Greg, my good friend and her old neighbor.

Her deep faith and conviction is a true blessing for me. It reminds me of just how great God is as he brings us together to encourage one another in our faith and to trust more fully in him for our strength and hope.

2 thoughts on “A Print Delivery leads to an Unexpected Surprise

  1. GREG HILL says:

    Thank you Shawn, that was kind-hearted, mentioning me in your blog, and saying a prayer in my behalf. I guess you’re not so bad . Thanks again SHAWN. A friend indeed

  2. Marcia Fayette says:

    Shawn, you are as sweet as ever! I’m so glad we got together! It just had to be our Gracious Lord because I’ve had those coastal frames for awhile, wanting to have beach prints in them. I was shopping around but nothing appealed to me.
    Out of nowhere I thought…. oh my goodness I’m going to see if my old friend Shawn has any of his beautiful work available and sure enough I was blessed! Most importantly I got to see you!
    So happy you are staying healthy and close to our Lord! You inspire me so much. Let’s keep in touch and soon!
    And thanks so much for the Grace Creations shout out!

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