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Original Paintings

A selection of my original paintings are now available. You may delight in having an “original” painting.

I have been painting scenes of Siesta Key and the surrounding area since the early 1990’s. Over the years, reproductions of some of my paintings have become so popular that they can be seen in shops and homes on Siesta Key and Sarasota, and in homes across the world. It is because Siesta Key is a world tourist destination, and it’s nice to enjoy a taste of that experience in your own home.

Not everyone can afford original artwork. But, art is for everyone to enjoy and not just for those who can afford original work. So, reproduction prints of paintings that you love, allow you to that enjoy the pleasure they provide. You may love an artists work and want to feature it in their home

For those of you who can afford an original painting… you will feel very good about your decision. An original painting always offers the viewers a uniquely pleasurable experience. Art museums have many daily visitors, many that pay to see the original paintings.