ABC’s of Siesta Key

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I am pleased to announce that I am partnering with the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, in the creation of a children’s picture book, titled, “The ABC’s of Siesta Key”. The book will be 32 pages, cover to cover, featuring my original paintings, graphic design and content. 

“SiestaShawn” is the perfect choice for this project. He’s our favorite hometown artist, well known, and greatly respected in our community. No one knows how to capture the essence of Siesta Key better than him. This is truly an exciting project!” said Ann Frescura, Chamber Executive Director.

The book will retail for $14.95 and is expected to be available for purchase in October 2021. Proceeds will benefit the programs and services of the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce.


From left to right is Mia Leone, Visitor Center & Volunteer Manager, Nancy-jo Manney, Membership Director, and Ann Frescura, Executive Director. The fourth member of this dynamic team, Rachel Dixon, Promotion & Event Coordinator was out of town on this day.

The Staff of the Siesta Key Chamber invited me to lunch to celebrate our exciting collaboration. We finalized the terms of our relationship and then we toasted to a big success!

From Beach Balls to Dolphins, Sandpipers to Sandcastles and Mermaids to Manatees, you’ll discover all the Awesome things you’ll find using the ABC’s of Siesta Key

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Siesta Key

  1. Margie K Trumbull says:

    What a wonderful idea is this ABC’s of Siesta Key! This is unique and should be very popular…and get good press! I don’t recall any children’s books specifically about Siesta Key. in over 20 years. Please put me down for at least two, and congratulations on this latest collaboration with the SKCC that goes in an exciting new direction.

  2. Maura Thompson says:

    So looking forward to this Children’s Book. Having 2 Adult Children & a 9 yr old granddaughter, (who grew up on Siesta Key), we’ll all be purchasing a book.
    Such an Awesome “Legacy ” for our friend, Shawn McLoughlin.
    Congratulations & God Bless your newest adventure!

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